Let’s Talk About Temu and Shein, The Fast-Rising, China-Based Retailers Threatening U.S. Mainstays

Alex Kantrowitz
2 min readMay 30, 2023

Hi everyone, I’m sharing a quick note this week as we get back in action following Memorial Day weekend.

On Big Technology Podcast, Ranjan Roy and I spoke with New York Magazine contributing editor John Herrman about Temu and Shein, the fast-rising, China-based retailers that are threatening U.S. mainstays including H&M and Amazon.

This conversation illuminates a massive, hidden trend that’s growing just out of sight. I learned a ton, including how online retail is evolving and how serious labor issues lie underneath all the cheap stuff we can find online. We also start the podcast with a conversation about NVIDIA, so you can find the latest about the world’s newest trillion-dollar company.

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Also, don’t miss my conversation with Google Bard director Jack Krawczyk, also live in the Big Technology Podcast feed.

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Tomorrow, I’ll be back on the feed with Bobby Allyn of NPR and Ryan Mac of The New York Times. We recorded at NPR in California, and it was a blast. Subscribe to get it first.



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