Where Apple’s Vision Pro Leaves Meta

Mark Zuckerberg will have to overindex on openness, and hang in tightly, if he wants his big Metaverse bet to pay off.

Alex Kantrowitz
5 min readJun 13, 2023
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Hi everyone, Apple’s Vision Pro announcement generated a lot of buzz last week; not all of it positive. And while we’re years away from learning whether the doubters or boosters were right, we can at least make some informed predictions.

On Big Technology Podcast, I dig into the new device and its chances of catching on with Ranjan Roy and Apple reporter extraordinaire Mark Gurman. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

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In the near term, Apple’s announcement will put it in direct competition with Meta. It’s headset vs. headset, the battle the tech gods dreamed of. In this week’s Big Story, I explore what that competition might look like.

Also, keep an eye out for this week’s Big Technology podcast, where I’ll sit down with Bob Muglia, former CEO of Snowflake, to discuss whether Artificial Intelligence will ‘save the world,’ , his new book, and the origin story of Microsoft Azure — which he was present for.

And now, this week’s Big Story:

Where Apple’s…



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